3Days with Cam Hayden

Cam Hayden gives us something special on his new single 3Days. Get ready to drown in the powerful words and magnetic sounds. 


Opening up 3Days with some poetry, Cam Hayden beautifully says, "Spend too much time in the mental and not enough in the physical. The mind is your greatest ally and your worst enemy. Remember not to get caught up in what you're meant to do." The smooth jazz beats in the background provide a peaceful environment, which perfectly connects to the powerful projection in his voice. We can all learn something from this track. Cam's vulnerability in 3Days is inspiring, as he effortlessly finds the courage to spill his raw emotions for us all to witness. He is not afraid to reveal his internal conflict at all, as he shows his humanity and allows us to connect to that in an impactful way. In his struggle, such as when he raps, "3 days, I ain't slept once," we also see healing and a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't miss out on this track. 



Listen to 3Days here


Written by: Margaritë Camaj