A Slice of Paraíso From Bairi

If you haven't heard of Bairi yet, then you need to go play some of her music right now! Put on her new single Paraíso, a gem that captivates all the way from the production to her delivery.


Bairi has the voice of an angelic siren, being extremely unique as she mixes English and Spanish in the most beautiful ways. The choice of the sounds create a heavenly paradise, as we have the opportunity to get lost in light. The moment you press play, you become infatuated by the way that she is just able to connect with your spirit. Every word that leaves her mouth feels magical as the poetic lyrics feed our spirit. She has a talent of speaking to us softly through her music in the most fascinating ways. So much so, that many people on Twitter have been putting her cover art as their default picture to show support of the new release. All of the support mixed with her dedication and talent is guaranteed to take her to great heights. Bairi will undeniably reach the top much sooner than later.


Listen to Paraíso here

Bairi The Siren - Paraíso (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj