Ahmad Anonimis Drops Inhaled

Ahmad Anonimis recently dropped a single called Inhaled. The eccentricity of this track pulls us in and makes us want to turn the volume up louder and louder. 

Ahmad's unique sound is quickly identifiable, being that his delivery is choppy yet intriguing. The track opens up with quirky sounds. With the repetition of certain words, we don't have trouble remembering Inhaled. The painful lyrics are heart-felt to say the least. Ahmad is not afraid to share his pain and let the people connect with his truth, such as with the words: "Face my problems, they take me down. Heart been hollow, don’t make a sound. Fear these day jobs gon' take my smile. Feel my envy done ran a mile." It takes strength and great vulnerability to be so open on a track. One particular line that really stuck out was "Wear a mask so I hide in my hell." It is courageous for Ahmad to release this kind of music because there are plenty of people who are silently suffering and they finally turn a track like this on and realize that they can relate. They feel like someone understands and that they're not alone. Turn the volume up if you feel pain and want to heal.

Listen to Inhaled here
Ahmad Anonimis - Inhaled (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj