Andy Mineo Returns to Never Land

Andy Mineo releases an impactful album titled Never Land II. He moves the Hip-Hop world with this project, reaching all of our spirits at the speed of lightning.

Andy Mineo has a gift when it comes to inciting emotions out of us all. With rhymes that are spiritual, Andy gives us a new gift with every single track that plays. He starts this project extremely powerful, with Am I... The messages that he sends out to the universe let us connect with him deeply while also allowing us to experience him on a deeper level. Andy does all of this impressively, being insanely skilled in lyricism and spitting high-level bars. With every single lyric, he paints a beautiful picture. ...Falling?, New Father, Nobody's Coming, It Could Be Worse, and Priorities, specifically hit on a different level, telling distinct stories while connecting on similar themes: keeping it real through the struggle and the success. Andy's flow, delivery, and impeccable beat choice give us a euphoric experience, allowing us to unravel our spirits and connect with the higher power: God.


Listen to Never Land ll here

Andy Mineo - Never Land ll (BEEN iLL)




Written by: Margaritë Camaj