Andy Mineo Shares His Happy Thoughts

Andy Mineo is back to shake the table with his powerful lyricism and impeccable flow. Proud of his roots, he begins the EP Happy Thoughts with the track Shibuya Roll Call by introducing himself, rapping "My name is Andy. I'm from New York. I'm Italian. I got the sauce. I love my wife, like a lot."


The title of his EP couldn't have been more perfect, especially that it dropped during a time when we are all struggling with a pandemic. In order to keep going on this journey that we call life, it is important to have happy thoughts so that we can all remain mentally strong. In the track Herman Miller, he really shows us the power in his pen and delivery. Andy Mineo raps, "But I'm blessed, forty hours back-to-back I think I need some rest, look when you really got it you don't never gotta flex. I thought God ain't walkin' with me, found out it was a test (What? What? What?). It's a test, gettin' married, gettin' therapy, that's things I don't regret, uh." It is very clear that his lyrics are proof that he spills his soul out whenever he gets behind a mic and records music. 


His theme of God is heavily prevalent throughout his music, carrying God's message with him wherever he goes, often giving God credit for all of his blessings, especially in Mangia (Ramen & Rhymin'). Closing off the EP with Always In a Rush featuring Mez, he once again becomes vulnerable and opens up about his emotions, allowing everyone to relate to his mental strain and teaching us all how to overcome it, especially when we are living in such hard times. Mez's voice powerfully reaches all of our souls and is the perfect blend to compliment Mineo's voice. 


Happy Thoughts is special, being the perfect gift to end the year with. Thank you Andy Mineo. 

Listen to Happy Thoughts here.

Written by: Margaritë Camaj