Annalise Azadian Is The Life of The Party

Are you ready for something different? Annalise Azadian is someone that you won't forget once you listen to her music. Her unique delivery will grasp your attention immediately.

When you put her new single Life of the Party on, you will automatically feel refreshed. Her style is different yet, at the same time, we can still relate to her through the messages in her music. The upbeat sounds are extremely intriguing, reeling us all in right away. Her voice is one of a kind, as she sings words that you can undeniably feel come from her spirit. Her smooth tone has the ability to reach us in the best way and make us feel something powerful. The way she puts words together is a talent that not many have yet she excels in. The way she sings "I can be the life of the party" makes us curious about what this party actually consists of. What is the theme of the party? The emotions that this song contains are something that you want to tune into. You're invited to the party. Will you go with Annalise? 


Listen to Life of the Party here 

Life of the Party by Annalise Azadian (BEEN iLL)



Written by: Margaritë Camaj