Ausar Soars with Flight of the Honeybee

It's clear that Ausar has been hard at work "just tryna change lives," as his Instagram bio (@ausarmusic) states. Releasing Flight of the Honeybee, Ausar gives us impactful music that will go on to become a classic.  


With classical jazz music in the background while he raps with rawness, Ausar exposes his power with every single track that goes by. Each track is extremely unique, intertwining a new story, yet somehow all coming together flawlessly. The metaphor of the beehive is intriguing, which is demonstrated in the cover art. A bee's main goal is to have its colony survive. Similarly to Ausar, he portrays that he is doing everything that he can to protect his art, those around him, and the empire that he is building together piece by piece. We see this metaphor play out specifically in the track Flight of the Honeybee, where Ausar raps, "I been a busy busy. Been the talk of the town ever since I decided to leave...I feel like I work and I work until the circle get repugnant." Here, we witness his strong work ethic. As the project goes on, we keep seeing the addition to his colony, as his wordplay leaves us all in deep thought. Watch him grow as he continues to build his beehive. 


Listen to Flight of the Honeybee here.

Written by: Margaritë Camaj