Caleborate Lets His Light Shine

Caleborate releases a powerful 15-track project called Light Hit My Skin. Ironically, the light he exudes from within also reaches our souls. 

Starting off the project with Clicquot Shower, we hear a heart-felt track filled with raw lyricism and an impeccable flow. It won't be long into the track until you begin nodding your head to the beat and rapping along to the lyrics. Everything from the beat to the lyrics quickly make you want to stop and listen. Showing his versatility, Caleborate shows how he can make a song like Clicquot Shower, showing us his aggression and motivation and then turn around and make a song like Pull Up. In Pull Up, he gets extra poetic in his lyricism, showing us his vulnerability and emotions, such as in the lyrics "I want to free my mind and free yours too." 

Interestingly, he also releases three versions of the tracks LIGHT in this project, titled LIGHT 001, LIGHT 002, and LIGHT 003. In each of these tracks, he reveals more of his emotions and poetically shows us different aspects of light. We feel like we're in space, as if we are entering another realm. Sit tight and press play.  

Listen to Light My Skin here


Written by: Margaritë Camaj