Cantrell Reminds Us To Beware The Sheep Clothing

Cantrell really moved us with his new EP, Beware the Sheep Clothing. Not only does he spill his soul, but he meticulously moves the room.

 They often say that less is more. That is not always the case, but when it comes to this EP, it definitely is. With only 5 tracks on the project, one thing that Cantrell does beautifully is that he leaves us wishing for more tracks on this project. Every single track on this album is necessary. Although each one is unique, they all share a common theme: Black power and equality. We can all play Hear Me Now over and over again and learn something new about it every single time. The brilliant wordplay is filled with messages that we can not only listen to in order to have fun, but also when we want to be conscious about what we are feeding our mind and soul. This Time Around and Kiss of Judas / Last Words give off a similar stimulation. While these tracks have an intriguing sound and can be listened to even when you're in a good mood, they are particularly crafted for those who want to seek knowledge. That's definitely a breath of fresh air in music. 

Listen To Beware The Sheep Clothing here


Written by: Margaritë Camaj