Chris Patrick Delivers with From the Heart Vol. 2

Chris Patrick is definitely putting New Jersey on the map and that is apparent in his new project From the Heart, Vol 2. Perfectly titled, Chris Patrick spills his heart out on all 9 of these tracks. 


Once thing that's for certain about Chris Patrick is that he isn't here to play any games whatsoever. In fact, he's here to make a great impact and he's doing it through substance-filled music. I know that a lot of people say that substance-filled music is almost nonexistent these days, but that's simply not true. It's just that you have to dig deeper in order to find it and you definitely find it here with Chris.


Tired sets up the whole mood for this project. In this track, we hear his conversations with a label as people who work for labels are calling him, trying to give him a deal that doesn't align with his best interests. The lyrics to Tired as well as every single other track are profound. Chris Patrick makes it clear that this isn't about clout. He makes it evident that it's not about getting somewhere with just any kind of deal. There is a message in his music that a lot of artists lack. Although he is a DIY artist, it's the decision that he makes until the situation is right. He isn't afraid to make that clear. Rapping, "Wishing he could change the system, but still live restricted by chains. This is the weight of autonomy. This is that racist economy. This is that pray to a God that's been whitewashed by people who don't give a **** 'bout Theology." We can hear the pain, and even more powerfully, we can hear the truth in the power of his voice. While he may be exhausted, his strength and yearning to make a big impact and a change in the world surpasses his tiredness. 


All of the other tracks have a similar message to Tired, especially Dreams and Give it All. You have to really open your mind and heart in order to dive into his music to grab all of the messages that are inside of it. Don't look at the surface. Go deeper.


Listen to From the Heart Vol. 2 here

Written by: Margaritë Camaj