Dende, Bairi, & Chris Patrick Link Up for Phone Number

Dende just dropped a new hit single Phone Number featuring Chris Patrick and Bairi. It's clearly only a matter of time before all three of these artists: Dende, Chris Patrick, and Bairi, blow up. 

Dende's Phone Number will have you constantly hitting replay. All three of these artists have been dropping music consistently. You will quickly become mesmerized with the cover art with just one glance, having neon lights and a phone that makes you want to pick it up and call the one you're thinking about. The easy flowing words will have us all singing along with the lyrics. What makes it better is that the catchy words and the beat only amplify this feeling. Dende and Chris Patrick's flow flawlessly intertwine as they smoothly and cleverly spit game, reaching all those who are in their feelings. The lyrics "we'll cry later together...enjoying the feeling we couldn't explain" depict the vulnerability that these artists don't mind sharing with all the listeners. On top of that, Bairi's captivating voice reaches all of our hearts. This is a catchy song that should be on everyone's playlist. I'm definitely going to have this on repeat. After just one listen, so will you. 

Written by: Margaritë Camaj