Dende Serenades With Candy

Ready for some new Dende? Releasing his new single, Candy, his voice sounds sweeter than ever, leaving us wanting more.

Dende is an undeniable star. He has the ability to capture an audience in so many diverse ways. Dende is the definition of versatility, as he has the ability to spew high-level lyrical bars at a fast speed, but then turn around and sing a track like Candy, fulfilling his fans in numerous ways. This love song is the perfect lullaby. Being that Dende's voice is extremely soothing, he gives everyone goosebumps as we press play on a late night drive or on a chill night with the love of our life. His vocal ranges continuously impress as the metaphors that he utters peak our interest. Billy Blunt's guitar sounds and smooth production creates the perfect background. You will be left speechless shortly after you press play. Enjoy. 


Listen to Candy here 
Candy by Dende (BEEN iLL)