Dende Deserves All His Flowers for His Latest Project - A Happy Man

Dende has just dropped a powerful album in A Happy Man. When you turn this on, you will find yourself gravitating to whenever you need to put a smile back on your face. 


As soon as you look at the cover, you see that it undoubtedly does the title justice. The bright yellow background quickly captures your attention, making your soul smile. The symbolism in the balloon is loud, especially since people with child-like hearts are the happiest. Dende does a beautiful job with the lyricism and wordplay throughout this album, reaffirming that mental health is extremely important. Throughout the intense lyrics, he gives us positive affirmations that we will all be okay. In Happy Man, he says, "The things that make me grin, forget the problems that I'm swimming in. We're focused on my happiness, it's true." He then goes on to mention couples falling in love and acting like a kid again in order to mention all of the good that comes with life. "Negatives feel heavier than positivity, but listen please, it all gets better when your thoughts align with what's a better me. I know times get hard but I deserve to breathe." Phone number with Chris Patrick and Bairi is another undeniable hit. Bairi's beautiful voice and Chris Patrick's talent further sets the tone. If you keep listening, Broke with Jon Swaii will also make you keep hitting the replay button. The powerful messages throughout are impactful mixed with the talent of these two artists. Closing off the album with I Smile, produced by the genius producer Mariette, the intricate sounds confirm the message that Dende wanted us to convey throughout. Thanks for providing us with a piece of light, Dende


Listen to A Happy Man here
Dende - A Happy Man (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj