Doeman Doesn't Hesitate When It's Time To Shine

Are you ready to hear vigorous wordplay going at the speed of light? Then turn up some Doeman, as he drops a 7 track project called No Hesitation

Substance-filled music that has purpose is beautiful. You can feel the raw energy and plentiful emotion leaving the artist's soul. Doeman intelligently does this with every single track on this project. With such clever lyrics, he stresses the importance of code and what is important in this life, leaving the unimportant things behind him. Starting the project off strong with Nuevo Chico, we easily see the amount of heart that went into this track. On Senseless, Doeman again proves his extraordinary skill with his flow and delivery, showing how his style and ability to rhyme words together is never complacent. Ending No Hesitation with Champion, we undoubtedly see his excellence as Doeman makes it clear that he is "heaven-sent." Not slowing down for anyone, he presses the gas as his complex words don't wait for a soul to catch up. Turn this project on with No Hesitation - and witness his genius. 


Listen to No Hesitation here.


Written by: Margaritë Camaj