Doeman Unleashes Brown Soul

The one and only Doeman releases his impressive project Brown Soul. Every single one of these ten tracks beautifully and powerfully exposes a part of his soul and brings us back to another era while simultaneously giving us all a modern vibe.

Doeman is one of a kind. He is the definition of a real artist who is guaranteed to stick around forever. Having a unique voice, we can all feel his energy whenever he gets on a track. Being proud of his roots, he brilliantly spits bars that have our mind going in circles due to the intense gravity that they hold. Opening up the project with Brown Soul, he rhymes words together in such an impactful way that has us sitting there in awe, thinking, "Did he really just say that?" The metaphors that he puts together shake us to our core. On Atl Freestyle, Doeman shows us how great of an emcee he can also be. Then, he switches it up on Love You Like, rapping perfect bars to the woman he loves, painting the perfect ride or die track. Doeman's music is timeless, being someone who makes it impossible to forget. 


Listen to Brown Soul here

Doeman - Brown Soul (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj