Eimaral Sol Drops off Care2Much

Eimaral Sol is undeniably one of a kind. She reels us in with her cover art upon first glance. The sunflowers, butterflies, stars, and Black Lives Matter signs all stand out.


Consisting of a 2-track EP, Care2Much (feat. Jay Wile) and Taste (feat. Dontaskgen), Eimaral creates the kind of music that will still hold weight many years from now. One thing is for sure: she creates timeless music. Her voice is very unique throughout both tracks, quickly capturing our attention if she didn't already have it before. When it's Jay Wile's turn to sing, his soft voice adds the perfect blend to this track, mixing the feminine and the masculine sides that are present throughout this track. One of the most powerful components of Care2Much is the meaning behind the messages. The lyrics will move you to your core. 


On Taste (feat. Dontaskgen), both of these artists create a magical atmosphere. Dontaskgen raps impactful lyrics as Eimaral Sol sweetly sings revolutionary tunes. Press play and hear the power in her softness.  

Listen to Care2Much here 

Eimaral Sol BEEN iLL - Care2Much


Written by: Margaritë Camaj