For The Fun with Kiraly Payne

Kiraly is an artist whose music is extremely intriguing, capturing your attention as soon as you press play.


Beginning his project with Nothing Like, we are introduced to a fun track that we can play throughout the summer. His flow is fascinating, as the way his voice maneuvers through the beat feels like an interesting chase: one that we don't want to stop until we reach the end. Piecing words together excellently, we have no choice but to want to keep listening. Play the project through and you'll be sure to quickly stop at Might Be, as he mixes unique trap music with deep spiritual words. On Phases, the light yet upbeat sounds and motivating lyrics are fascinating, as Kiraly spills his soul out over the beat. The vulnerability is impressive as he expresses how he has turned his pain into fuel. Kiraly is different and inspiring to say the least. You'll want to make sure you listen through every track on this project. 


Listen to For The Fun here 
Kiraly Payne - For The Fun (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj