Gratitude by Devy Stonez

Devy Stonez drops a 4-track EP called Gratitude. It is clear that he is extremely grateful for the struggle and his path, introducing us to the path that he is planning to continue running on when it comes to music. 


One thing that you can't take away from Devy Stonez is his ability to tell a story through words. He is amazing when it comes to storytelling. We see this through every single track on this project, especially on 10 Am featuring Boy Jugo and Coming Home, featuring Cush With a C. Painting pictures for us to see, he uses witty wordplay, peaking our imagination further. Devy Stonez has impeccable lyricism, rhyming words together effortlessly. We see the passion when it comes to his art, as he raps, "It's all faith, I ain't never had no plan B." He makes it clear that he is in this for the long haul. It is even more powerful because his versatility and ability to connect with his heart and emotions did not confine him in a box. Listen to this project in order to hear some music from the heart.  

Listen to Gratitude here

Gratitude by Devy Stonez (BEEN iLL)



Written by: Margaritë Camaj