Hadji Gaviota Brings Us Pastimes

If we know anything about Hadji Gaviota, it's that he creates fun music. There isn't one track on his EP Pastimes that won't intrigue you.


Starting off the project with Oyster, the lo-fi beats give us an atmosphere where we can use our imagination to the fullest. Using different tones while singing, the unpredictability of his music makes this artist very interesting to say the least. Every single song is proof that Hadji has something unique to offer the music scene. His lyrical taste and the sound choice combined together is different in an extremely appealing way. The fantasy world that he forms for us is vibrant, and that is shown through the tracks, especially the lyrics and beats on Fit Pic and Heterochromia. You will want to listen to his music if you want to go through his colorful mind and feel all different kinds of emotions. 


Listen to Pastimes here 
Hadji Gaviota - Pastimes (BEEN iLL)



Written by: Margaritë Camaj