Isaia Huron Floats On The Cerulean Tapes

Isaia Huron is here to move our spirits with his new project Cerulean Tapes. With every single track that you play, you will find Isaia's voice extremely hypnotizing. 


Every single second of Cerulean Tapes is appreciated. Say Yes is pure magic. Elevating us high, his soothing voice puts us in a state of bliss as he hits different ranges all while serenading us with poetic wordplay. Putting our souls at ease, every word he utters gives us butterflies. The guitar strings are just the cherry on top. Moving onto TEENAGE FEVER (Version 4), we experience another track in which Isaia delivers pure excellence. With a soft, yet speedy delivery, Isaia does a supernatural job storytelling. Once again, he has the ability to give us goosebumps. Sampling Jennifer Lopez, yet incorporating his own twist, Isaia gives us a taste of deja vu, while providing us with a new vision at the same time. There is no debate: Isaia Huron's voice is heavenly. 


Listen to Cerulean Tapes here 

Cerulean Tapes - Isaia Huron (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj