Isaia Huron Unleashes Bound

Isaia Huron releases a powerful EP called Bound. As soon as you press play, you are undeniably going to feel his soul through the music.

Isaia expresses his emotions through song in a beautifully unique way. The lyrics give us goosebumps as the background sounds perfectly compliment his soothing voice. His delivery is rare because while it is soft, he still has the ability to hit different ranges. However, his soft tone still holds the power to move us to our core. Using poetic words to deliver his messages, every single song feels like we are listening to poetry, especially the first track I'm In Love, where he spills his heart out. Self! is also extremely interesting, reeling us right in. Sounding like something completely different than what we're used to, Isaia Huron sings at an intriguing speed, slowing down and then speeding up, making us want to get up and dance. Ending the EP with Oh Lord, Benefits!, we experience a different side to Isaia, as he rejoices in finding real love. Every single song has something different to offer in the most beautiful way. This EP is unlike anything that you've ever heard before. Get lost in it. 


Listen to Bound here

Isaia Huron - Bound (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj