Javion Bishop Applies Pressure On Jewels ll

Javion Bishop drops 50 minutes of straight heat on his new project Jewels II. Dropping gems, he gives us a mixture of both old school and modern hip-hop all in one. 


Jewels II is properly titled. Every single track that plays is filled with so much lyricism that the most complex brain will still have to hit the replay button in order to fully grasp the wordplay. Are you ready to go into a time machine for a few? Javion Bishop begins this project with 1993 / Diamonds II. It is automatically clear that he possesses excellence when it comes to words. As you keep listening to the tracks, he proves his talent over and over again. In No Sleep, the rhymes are top tier. The boom bap beats continuously take us back to old school hip-hop. It is beautiful how he is able to give us a nostalgic feeling throughout. When he raps in Pieces, we feel the power in the pain that he releases through the music. Javion Bishop gives us a special feeling: a feeling that only music was there for him. Spitting bar after bar, Javion shows us the strength in his talent. Give his music the time it deserves because his tracks are special. 

Listen to Jewels ll here

Jewels ll by Javion Bishop (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj