Kiran & Gio Bring the Good Gospel

Who is ready for some good music? Kiran The Nomad and Gio deliver heat on Good Gospel


As soon as you press play, you can feel Kiran's light as his spirit reflects through every word he powerfully utters. The best music is when you can actually feel the heart that is poured into it. 


This is what Kiran and Gio do so beautifully, especially when they come together. When Gio gets on this track, he shakes it up, further empowering and adding good energy to the music. The projection in both of these two artists' voices is highly unique, making the audience not only hear their messages, but feel them too. Talking about struggle transformed into success, and then manifesting the messages into something powerful, we are all given the motivation to keep going and to create the life that we want and deserve. We can't wait to hear more music from these two artists, as they intertwine perfectly. 


Listen to Good Gospel here 


Written by: Margaritë Camaj