Kota The Friend Brings Another Dose of Lyrics To Go





At 1:26 AM, shortly after his project Lyrics to GO, Vol. 2, released, Kota the Friend tweeted, "We about to go #1 on iTunes off of a 15 minutes mixtape. I can't make this s*** up." Kota the Friend makes it known that he is free and that reflects heavily in this album both through the lyrics and the sounds.

Every single track on this project is a short story that reaches those who are open to receiving it. Kota's storytelling skills are top notch, as he takes us on a train ride through the struggles that he faced growing up in New York City all the way to the beautiful dreams that turned into reality all while being vulnerable and sharing his raw emotions. Incorporating New York heavily into all of the lyrics, he begins this project with Clinton Hill, a place in Brooklyn, New York. Kota raps, "A lot of kids in Clinton Hill right now living through me." It is clear that his inspiration reaches far and wide and this is beautiful to see knowing that kids in NYC have someone to look up to during this time period. He shows us that there is still hope, especially with his substance-filled music. Kota's wordplay is insanely strong throughout Lyrics to Go, Vol. 2. We see his genius mind at play when he connects words together like pieces to a puzzle. In Luke Cage, he raps "Remember running for the buses in the rain. Remember we was broke and had to hop the train." His nostalgic lyricism paints a vivid imagine in our minds that we can envision what it was like for him growing up in the streets of NYC all over these powerful beats. Ending the project with a 1 minute and 11 second track, we are given Flowers as he preaches real words that reach us through the speakers, telling us to love ourselves at this very moment and to stop "looking for a fix when there is nothing wrong." 

Watch the official Clinton Hill video now from the project now

Written by: Margaritë Camaj