Lilly Aviana Lets Her Soul Speak on Late Bloom

Lilly Aviana dropped a beautifully touching project titled Late Bloom (Deluxe). Throughout every single song, we literally feel her angelic voice heal our souls.


Starting off her project with Intro, she begins to show us how important self-love is in order to bloom, plant strong roots, and become powerful. There is truly something moving about Lilly’s voice, as she gives us sweet and soothing tunes over magnetic sounds. She has the ability to remove all of our worries with her words and the projection of her voice combined. Serenading us with her deep poetic lines, WaterlilliesSeasons, and Selfish are some of the tracks that particularly stand out metaphorically, as she brings words to life and allows us to feel like these tracks are painting pictures of reality. Her range is impressive, as she gives us diverse songs like Rainfall and About You.  Lilly Aviana is someone who you won’t forget. Just pay attention to how she makes you feel throughout this project and you’ll agree. 


Listen to Late Bloom (Deluxe) here 



Written by: Margaritë Camaj