Marlon Craft's State of the Union Shifts The Narrative

If there's one thing about Marlon Craft, it's his consistency. He gives us real meaning. On Inauguration Day 2021, he drops State of the Union, addressing the nation through powerful lyricism. 

Marlon Craft gives us 4 minutes and 41 seconds of straight fire. He is definitely not afraid to spit bars that address the state that America is in and that's beautiful strength. Every single lyric present in this track is full of meaning and leaves us with an impact beyond measure. When listening, it is important to break down each bar thoroughly in order to fully grasp Marlon Craft's message. Marlon Craft not only speaks on the injustices regarding race and social class, but he also talks about how social media has shaped reality. "Fake tweets about how you love everyone...You won't even wear a mask to save somebody's grandmother." Just one of many gems in a strong verse, this shows how too many in today's society lack empathy and the leadership needed to protect others by doing such a simple thing as wearing a mask. Another verse that really struck was, "And to defeat white supremacy, you gotta first want to defeat white supremacy." That speaks for itself.

On Inauguration Day, Marlon Craft used music to bring many issues to light that we must do something about in order to move forward. Hopefully today, we are heading towards the right direction.

Listen to State of the Union here.


Written by: Margaritë Camaj