Not This Again... By Dontaskgen

Dontaskgen is back with another drop. Notthisagain is an incredibly eccentric project:  through both the lyrics and the sounds.


Notthisagain has 10 tracks, equaling a total of 28 minutes that literally fly by. That's how good the music is. Dontaskgen does a great job at giving us versatility. Every track on this album has something unique to offer. Starting off the project with Strangers, the beats give us an eerie vibe while the words are extremely impactful. The guitar also adds a special element to this track. Somebody's Daughter is also another example of just how diverse Dontaskgen is as an artist. His delivery is addicting, especially because of the talent in his range. Transitioning to the track Notthisagain, Dontaskgen once again gives us another flavor.  As he sweetly delivers his track, he serenades us with a lullaby. Lastly, closing off this project with Shutupanddrive, this track is the perfect song to put on during a late night drive and just get lost. Do yourself a favor and put some Dontaskgen on right now!


Listen to Notthisagain here
Notthisagain by Dontaskgen (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj