Paris Price, Chris Patrick, & Dende Link Up For The Summer

Ready to press play on some good music? Paris Price, Chris Patrick and Dende come together to drop a beautiful new single called Killing Me Slowly


You are guaranteed to fall in love with this track. Paris Price, Chris Patrick, and Dende all have something unique to offer here. These are some artists that you really want to keep your eyes on in the music industry because you will see them go very far. If one thing is for sure it is this: they all put their soul into the music. The words in this track are clever and intriguing as they put everyday language to poetic use. It is clear that none of them are afraid to be vulnerable as they lay impactful words on a dreamy beat. When the lyrics "Killing me slowly, killing me slowly, you don't know me...used to be my homie" are sung, you can feel them releasing the pain and healing their hearts, almost as if they are shining light on it while giving us some light, too. Put your windows down and blast Killing Me Slowly. You'll find yourself never wanting to turn it off. 


Listen to Killing Me Slowly here
Paris Price, Chris Patrick, & Dende - Killing Me Slowly (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj