Uncle Tino In Living Color

Uncle Tino releases a unique project called Color Fool. Titled intelligently and appropriately, we see him bringing this album to life through vibrancy.

One thing that we can certainly say about Uncle Tino is that he is different, which is extremely apparent through his music, especially the beats. He opens up the project with Indigo, giving us beautiful r&b vibes throughout. He has a soothing voice and the way that he perfectly sings every syllable of every single word reminds us of what butterflies feel like. 

As each song progresses, we hear an increase in the eccentric sounds that take place. He incorporates electronic sounds, taking us back to the 80’s, yet at the same time, he puts a modern spin and twist on it, quickly giving us an interesting feeling all around. Giving color titles to songs, he brilliantly places the appropriate emotions with each color. For example, Orange, gives us a very different vibe, so much so that if you were to think of the color orange, this is the sound that you would think of. It is rare that an artist can give us these kind of feelings, but Uncle Tino undeniably does. 

Listen to Color Fool here 

Written by: Margaritë Camaj