Unusual Demont Paints A Beautiful Picture With Hues

HUES. by Unusual Demont gives us an unmatched vibe. When we put this project on, we feel like we have entered a music museum, as he uses songs to display his art.

Every single track gives us a different feeling, as they symbolize a unique color of this artist's choice. Unusual Demont does something very interesting: he uses intriguing sounds to paint a color in our minds...and he does this all through his music. When you turn on Ivory, it has a pure sound to it, as his soothing voice as he takes us to heaven while he sings about a love that can't be topped. In Gold, we literally hear an elevation in the sounds, as if the beat is sparkling, taking us to another level. The track Purple uses powerful guitar strings to create yet another vision for us. His voice moves us to our core, as we hear the luxury and royalty in his tone. His songwriting through every track is top notch, opening our minds and hearts in order to allow the magical intricate details of emotion to swim through. You won't regret pressing play. 


Listen to Hues here
Unusual Demont - Hues


Written by: Margaritë Camaj