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Where are you from and how do you think that’s molded you?

I'm Albanian from the Bronx, New York. My culture and my environment have molded me greatly because they have opened my eyes to so much. I have seen a lot: some things that I probably shouldn't have as a young girl. But, that's what has made me aware. Self-awareness is important, but also being aligned with what is outside of yourself is equally as important. Because of this, I have seen what's lacking in many areas, especially when it comes to resources. A lot of us learned how to become alchemists at such an early age because we used our disadvantages and turned them into advantages. In essence, we created something out of nothing and that is really beautiful. The struggle is a school in and of itself. We were students. I call us the Rare Roses of NYC.

You’ve written 16 books to date. How did you fall in love with writing?

Writing is everything to me. I can't even put it into words (ironically). I was just 7-years-old when I started writing in order to let my emotions leave me. I have always, always felt so much, even when I was just a little girl. Sometimes, it was too much because I would live in my head and my heart a lot. I was very in tune with everything and noticed certain things and felt emotions that my mouth often couldn't express. Music is what made me fall in love with writing: the lyrics to be specific. Lyrics in songs really meant the world to me and would heal me over and over again. Putting those headphones on was an escape for me. Music taught and gave me an outlet. So, I started to jot words down. I wanted to make an impact on others just like the lyrics of songs did to me. Words were all I knew for a while. 

If there was one thing you wanted people to take away from your latest book Full Moon & Feelings what would it be? 

On a full moon, always look up and be still. Don't be afraid to just feel and release it to the universe. You will be surprised at how it comes back to you. 

What inspired you to write Full Moon & Feelings? What draws you to the moon?

If it's not obvious already lol, I feel so much in general, but especially when there is a full moon. I feel most connected on a full moon. Full Moon & Feelings is one of my poetry books. I wanted to write something that I felt people can relate to and I know that emotions connect everyone. The full moon always brings out a different side of us: a more vulnerable side. 
What draws me to the moon is its light. I've known darkness too well and it always amazes me how it shines brightly no matter what...just like we're able to do. The darkness teaches us but we can't forget that the light is always there. We just have to look deeper...within. 

Your passion for music also runs deep. What song instantly puts you in a better mood? 

Music is literally my life in every single way that you look at it. I can't picture life without it and I'm not even exaggerating. Music has saved me many times. It is almost impossible for me to pick just one song, but as of right now the two that come to mind automatically are Congrats Freestyle by Russ and Stockholm Syndrome by Russ (feat KXNG Crooked). I'm really, really big on Russ. He has a genius mind and the way that he thinks is just very similar to my train of thinking as well. There are way too many gems in these two tracks to not put you in a good mood. I'm in a good mood whenever I feel the heart, the mind, and the soul are aligned. If something doesn't speak to those three at the same time, I reject it naturally.

You also manage to be an incredible entertainment attorney. Why did you want to become a lawyer? 

Thank you so much. I have both sides and I like to water both equally. I have always wanted to protect artists and businesses because I was always a huge creative myself. Whether an artist takes the label path or an independent path, it is just best to know what you're getting into and be informed on the music business, which can be complex and tricky. I love protecting all kinds of creatives from artists to producers to directors, etc. and just people who are passionate about what they do. I'm also really big on equality and fighting for human rights, so I help out there whenever I can as well.


How do you filter through someone to determine if it’s someone you want to work with? 

Integrity. Definitely integrity. That's the first thing that comes to mind. When you strip them of everything that they have materially, what's left? I look at their character, their passion, their drive, and their work ethic. Someone needs to have something to say and it needs to come from their own soul. They need to have something important to share to the world, which will benefit society and not just monetarily. I'm huge on substance. Those are things that are necessary ingredients for me. I bring that to the table so I expect everyone I work with to bring that as well.

You mention love often. How would you describe love? 

Love is my oxygen. It is not just a feeling. Love is a force that never ends. It never fails. No matter what. Love is immortal. It is honest. If you want to see if it exists, let time do it's thing. I know what love is because I know exactly what it isn't. 

How do you always manage to stay so positive? 

I never want anyone to think that I'm always positive. I'm not. I'm only human. I have so many flaws, especially when it comes to how heavy thoughts can weigh on my mind. I have days where it's so hard to stay positive. My mind can actually be really chaotic and I think that's true of a lot of creatives to a certain extent. I guess I just know what it's like to be in a really bad place and I always ground myself in that God has a plan and that makes me stay positive. His plan is always bigger than mine. It always has been. I also know what it's like to not be able to find positivity, so I try to spread it as much as I can.

If you could recommend 1 book to someone what would it be?

Aside from my books? Lol! Russ - It's All In Your Head, Get Out Of Your Own Way. I felt like I was reading my mind and what I always say and believe in. It's crazy. 

Faith always seems to be at the center of everything you do. Do you have any words of encouragement for anyone who may be questioning things or themselves during this time?

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for God. It's okay to doubt. It's okay to be in pain even. It's a part of life. You just have to fight through it. It sounds cliche, but it gets more beautiful as you keep going. You just have to try your best to know that even in the hard times, there is a purpose for everything even if you don't figure it out until much later.

Did you ever think you would be on a billboard or has that always been in the plan? 

I somewhat knew that I would eventually be on a billboard in this life because of God's gifts that I have committed to using, but I definitely didn't plan it and I definitely didn't expect it to happen in 2020 (such a crazy year and a blessing to even be alive). I just always knew that my words would reach many. To be honest, I don't do too well with attention. I'd rather my words get the attention instead of just me, but it was a mind-blowing experience. It still is. Like a Times Square Billboard? Really? That's just surreal to me. These are streets that I used to walk on and still walk on (with a mask lol), especially as a little girl feeling really confused in the world. I'm still in shock, but I definitely have a lot of gratitude.

You’re licensed to practice law in 4 states and have published almost 20 books. Are you working on any new projects and what’s next for you?

You said almost 20 books, so you're making me want to reach that number haha! I'm always writing words and ideas down. I get a lot of them, constantly. My main goal for this year is songwriting. I really want to do more songwriting right now. That's my main focus.
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