Cam Hayden Is Working On The Process

Cam Hayden releases a well crafted EP called Working on the Process. This EP definitely gives us a few new sides of Cam and it's refreshing.


In just 4 tracks, Cam is able to deliver an impactful storyline: one that speaks of struggle and the persistence to keep going until you reach the end of your journey. It is clear that everyone's journey is different. Cam uses his own experiences to beautifully depict his own life through vulnerability and passion. You can hear the pain in Cut Off, but at the same time, you can hear the healing if you pay attention. In 3Days, Cam says something mind-blowing. He says: "Spend too much in the mental and not in the physical. The mind is your greatest ally and your worst enemy." This positively sets the tone for this EP, where Cam uses pure raw emotion in order to pour his heart into the music. In 727, Cam gets Bairi on the track, where they both set their spirits free over snappy beats and piano keys. This is an EP that you won't want to miss. Join Cam as he keeps working and walking towards his path.


Listen to Working On The Process here 

Cam Hayden - Working On The Process (BEEN iLL)


Written by: Margaritë Camaj